Brazilian born and raised photographer with european backgrounds from eastern side

Started to shoot after putting aside his civil engineer diploma in early 2000’s. Self-tough, studied and practiced fashion and advertising photography

His art portfolio includes prize-winning photographs presented in Biennale’s in Rome and Florence

Gustavo joined the team of the artists of the eight edition of the Florence Bienalle, Italy ( Biennale Internazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea di Florence) in 2011

The Florence Biennale brought together more then 650 artists from 84 countries

Gustavo’s artwork was very celebrated during the event. Proof of this is that Gustavo was among the finalists for the cultural event with his “Woman” piece, under photography category

Also in 2011 Gustavo Zylbersztajn brought to Sao Paulo his work “Rhapsoidia”, a series of liquids, with different colors and densities of images. The result could be visited at MuBE (Brazilian Museum of Sculputure), with beautiful abstract images, which could be interpreted in many different ways by the spectators

In January 2012, Gustavo exhibits at the Biennale of Rome another image of a series under the name “Breathe” which is a collage of 5 images all together over a cotton paper. This piece was also relevant for the jury and got bronze prize-winner

For about nowadays he’s working in three different projects, one involving social brazilian theme, another one which is based in on landscapes and his last project will be launched hopefully this year on a quite different printing technique

His skills to create and to bring curiosity is what keeps him producing and bringing life to his frames


01/2012 – participant in Rome Bienal of Art & Photography with the artwork “Breathe”;
12/2011 – participant in Florence Bienal of Art & Photography with the artwork “Woman”;
07/2011 – individual exhibition / Rhapsoidia, MuBE;
10/2010 – group exhibition / Moda Brasileira da Cabeça aos Pés, MuBE;
05/2010 – group exhibition / O Olhar das Marcas, Cinemateca São Paulo;
01/2003 – group exhibition / Blured, São Paulo;


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